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London Sportif CC has had a huge success in 2018, we have faced challenges head-on and have become even more united and stronger.

In January we started in-door training to get ready for the upcoming season. We continued for 3 months with in-door training, and all our players attended once a week. Going on from this, we had our GM in March, this was essential to discuss with the Club Management Team and Members about the future of the club, and what opportunities we can use in order for the club to give back. This was also a way for the members to bring up any issues or concerns they may have, and for the management team to show that we are here to make the club better and stronger.

Mid-March we started our friendly matches, we played around 8 - 10 friendly matches against teams such as Victoria CC, London Lion CC, East London Warriors CC, Tower Hamlets CC, United CC.  

In April the Cricket League had started. London Sportif participated in two different leagues. One is London Cricket League (LCL), the other is England National Cricket League (ENCL). In LCL games, we won 9 out of 9 games, we became the No.1 League Team. We got as far as the semi-final, but unfortunately, we did not progress any further.

In ENCL games, we won 7 out of 10 games, we came out as 3rd in the league games. We played qualified level against Moulvibazaar CC, this was a tough game but we came out as victorious as we had reached the semi-final; unfortunately, we did not progress any further than this.

We also played Tap Ball Cricket Tournament. At the end of the season, we played some matches out of London; for example, in Bournemouth against Dorset CC - we won this game against them, it was also enjoyable to play in the match. We also played with Portsmouth CC and won against them.

We played outside London to explore different areas and to also gain contacts, this was also very motivating for the team members and they found it very enjoyable.

We took a one month break and restarted our training again, we need to get ready for the next season so we can come back better and stronger

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