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2018 we started the London Sportif Football team having entered the well respected inner London football league. At the time we had only 7/8 players turning up for the match days, so the manager & board members had to tie their laces to make up the numbers! after some disastrous results in the first four months. Our fortune started to change from the new year, leading up to the ILFL Cup final against Bromley, we had only lost one game in 2019,and that was against the league champion Ace.

The final & the match itself was a roller coaster of emotions as we were losing 5-0 at one point, then scoring 4 goals in the last 20 minutes to make it 5-4!

Unfortunately for us, we ran out of time in the end, but it was an unforgettable experience for the club as we reached the final in our first season as a football club.

We have a permanent training facility at MileEnd.

An exciting time for the club as we continue to establish and build ourselves.

We have entered also ILFL Super 7 league which takes place on every Monday evenings. this season we have lots of young players coming through, it is our duty to help and guide them, also making a positive impact in their lives through football.

our next target will be put together an under 16s team and enter a youth league.

We are proud to mention that we have more than 20 different nationalities payers are in our club from all over the London.

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